Donkey Stands In Front Of 5 Clydesdales And Hilariously Tries To Convince Them That He’s A Horse.

It’s needless to say that the key to living a healthy and positive life is to have goals, hopes, and aspirations so that we have a purpose in life and so that we can be as happy as possible and this is why the video below is just absolutely darling.

It has taken the notion of not being good enough and flipped it right on its head in a humorous and adorable fashion. In it, you will see an ad for the beer, Budweiser. It shows five Clydesdales (a breed of horse) and one donkey. The donkey, bless its soul, wants desperately to be a Clydesdale so it works extremely hard, day after day, in order to impress the judges when it’s finally time to interview.

And when it stands before the five judges in an intimidating setting, just like a real-life job interview, the donkey lets out the cutest little sound that leaves all of the horses taken aback. Needless to say, the donkey did excellently and wound up getting the job, making it an adorable little team member. At the end of the day, it’s not only a cause for a giggle or two, but teaches us that if we work hard enough, absolutely anything is possible!

Essentially, you simply must see the video for yourself as we have not done the hilarity any justice, and you deserve a lovely laugh!

So, click on the link below and see it for yourself! If you’ve loved the video as much as we have, be sure to share it with your family and friends!

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