Don’t ignore these trays from Goodwill. Here are 10 nifty ideas to reuse them

TV tables, or folding trays, are a fun tool to use when you’re hosting a big family dinner and you need extra places to feed everyone. You can also use them to hold your breakfast while you curl up on the couch to read the paper (on those rare mornings you have time!).
Unfortunately, a set of these little tables can set you back $50 to $200. So we’ve scoured the internet and found a few cute ways you can transform a cheap set of these tables (think thrift-store finds) into charming home decor you’ll love to use and display.
1. Stripe it up
Give those drab folding tables a fun, modern update with some chalk paint and a stencil. This is a fun option because you can use any colored paints to match your current decor. You’ll need to seal the project with wax to make it waterproof.
2. Coastal makeover
If you want to completely transform the table to create a cool nightstand, you’ll love what they did to this table. A coat of dark blue paint, a few hooks and some rope turned this bland table into an eye-catching piece perfect for a guest room.
3. DIY distressed farmhouse trays
This project turned a boring set of brown tables into modern, country pieces that are truly unique. You’ll need to sand down the surface of these tables before repainting and decorating. Don’t be afraid to personalize these with your favorite quotes.

4. Create a kid-friendly entertainment desk
Save your walls and create a table your kids can actually draw on! Paint a drawing surface on the top using chalkboard paint. If you want to add a little decorative touch, create a border with upholstery tacks.

5Create a makeshift ironing board
If you’re living in a small space, you can turn a TV table into a cute ironing board that stores away easily. You’ll need some batting, a staple gun and cute fabric. These would also be really fun housewarming gifts (or going-to-college gifts).

6. Add a monogram
If you’re looking for something sleek and upscale, try painting an old TV tray a dark stain and adding a monogram to match your surname. This classy overhaul makes even cheap tables look super fancy.

7Make a portable Lego table
Parents with aching feet rejoice! Keep those Legos off the floor and on a table with this cute upcycle idea. Use a TV tray table, paint and a Lego mat to create a cool building space for the Lego lovers in your family.

8. Create a butler’s table
Turn an old end table into a pretty butler table or minibar. You’ll save a lot of money with a little DIY magic. You’ll need an old table and a tray or wicker basket. A few coats of paint and a dash of creativity results in this stunning piece.

9Cover them with scrapbook paper
Take your TV trays up a notch by covering them in pretty strips of paper. The fun part of this project from KP Loving It is that you can use scrap paper you have left from other crafts. Pick a medium-weight paper (if it’s too thick, it can curl and bubble). Attach your design to the table with Mod Podge.

10. Dipped Chevron table
Add some extra sparkle by using this genius trick. This dipped Chevron look makes the old tray look more upscale and expensive in a really inexpensive way.

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