Don’t plug these 9 things into a power strip.

Using power strips for your gadgets is handy and cost-effective, but did you know it can be risky? 

Plugging in high-energy devices or putting too much load on the strip can lead to serious problems. It might harm your appliances, cause power failures, and even start fires! How can I put it more clearly?

I learned this lesson from my own experience, so now I’m really careful. Find out about 9 gadgets you should never plug into a power strip.

First, check how much power the power strip can handle.

Before I share the list of devices not to plug in, here’s a crucial thing to know. Every power strip has a max power limit, and you can find it on the cord. 

Before connecting your devices, just add up their power and make sure it’s within the limit.

Can you help me figure out the power of each device?

I understand. If your power strip can handle up to 3500 W, and you plug in devices like an oven (2500 W), a vacuum cleaner (800 W), and a kettle (250 W) simultaneously, you go over the limit (2500 + 800 + 250 = 3550 W). In this case, you need to find a solution to stay within the limit.

To stay safe, just remove one device from the power strip if you go over its max power limit. Now, let’s check out the devices you shouldn’t plug into a power strip.

  1. The Oven

The oven uses a lot of energy and is a powerful appliance. Even if you don’t use it often, never plug it into a power strip!

It’s safer to give it its own wall outlet to prevent the risk of overheating.

2. The Refrigerator 

I get it. The refrigerator doesn’t use the most energy among household appliances, but that doesn’t mean it’s okay to plug it into an extension cord. 

Remember, it runs on electricity 24/7, so don’t use an extension cord for it. This applies to freezers too, not just refrigerators.

3. The Washing machine

A washing machine uses a lot of energy, about 1150 kWh per year. So, it’s not a good idea to plug it into a power strip.

Use a wall outlet instead to avoid the risk of short circuits and overheating. The same rule applies to tumble dryers—they use too much electricity for a power strip.

4. Auxiliary heating

I’m not saying don’t use it, just remember to plug it directly into a wall outlet. Never use an extension cord, as this device can quickly overload a power strip.

5. The Microwave

Don’t think this small metal box doesn’t use energy; a microwave can use about 70 kWh per year. It’s not insignificant, so don’t plug it into an extension cord.

6. The Coffee Maker

You might think a small thing like a coffee maker doesn’t use much, but it actually consumes a fair amount of electricity, around 165 kWh per year. So, always plug it directly into a wall outlet.

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