Don’t toss out the old cement block. Here are 10 fantastic ways to use them in your garden

Cement blocks are often underrated. These heavy, bland pieces of concrete can be a bit cumbersome to lug around so many people overlook them or purposely skip over them in favor of items that are a little easier to use. After you check out how these can be used in your garden, you might rethink that practice.
Since you aren’t likely to have a few of these laying around, head to your local hardware store, you can usually snag a few for around $1 each.
1. Raised garden beds
One of the most popular uses for cinderblocks in the garden is a raised garden bed. There are dozens of cool designs for this use (check out a dozen cool options at Off Grid World) and because cinderblocks are sturdy, they’ll likely last several years. Note: When cinder blocks break down (and they will over time) they could leach lime into the soil. Try lining the inside of your garden with plastic (leaving the soil open for planting).
2. Planters
Instead of building an entire garden, use the individual blocks as flower planters. You can lay them sideways on the ground or attach a bottom and add dirt, before planting. (Try painting the blocks different colors for a fun look).
3. Create a seating area
Create a cool seating area in the backyard by stacking two or three levels (depending on how tall you want it). Top with a long bench cushion and decorative pillows.
4. Build a firepit
Create your own backyard firepit on a budget (less than $100), by stacking cement blocks on a concrete pad. Check out how easy this project is with tips from HGTV.
5. Build a garden wall
You can create a cool garden wall with a little creativity and a lot of cinderblocks. Plus: The next wind storm probably won’t blow it over!
6. Hanging bench
If you like the idea of using cinder blocks for a bench but want something a little lighter, try standing several cinderblocks on end (you’ll need 6 for each end) and slide plants of wood through the holes to form a seating area. Add color and pillows to brighten it up.
7. Create a decorative tower
Does your garden need a tall punch of color? Try stacking cinder blocks into a tower (you’ll want to make sure they’re stable and cemented together)then decorate with paint and beads.
8. Build a garden fence
Use stacked blocks to create a fence around your garden. You can create wider or narrower spaces in the fence by strategically placing the posts through the holes. Save some time and money with this simple solution!
9. Stairs
Add simple stairs to your backyard by stacking cinder blocks down the incline. You’ll need to do some measuring and planning, but you will still save a lot of time over traditional stairs. Fill the inside with colorful stones.
10. Create a garden border
Keep the soil or rocks in your garden and off the rest of your yard by using cinderblocks to create a unique garden edge. You’ll need a wider space to prevent knocking shins against the edges, but the results can be quite charming.
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