Easy Homemade Ginger Ale Recipe That Relieves Pain From Inflammation And Migraines

Inflammation is the main factor that causes pain in the human body. It is often an autoimmune response, but if you do not know what is going on in your body, it can be difficult to tame.

A migraine is one of the most common examples of a health problem that is usually caused by inflammation. If not managed, migraines can be extremely dangerous. Fortunately, there is no need to use pain medications to treat this condition since 1 cup of homemade ginger ale a day will ease your inflammation and migraines!

Why Ginger Is the Best for Inflammation and Migraines

For many years, ginger ale was considered as an alternative to soda, and many people have forgotten that “real” ginger ale actually possesses a number of health benefits. Ginger ale is made from ginger, and it has a strong taste.

Due to the many minerals and nutrients it contains, ginger can provide amazing results in the case of inflammation. It is abundant with vitamins A, C, E and many B vitamins. Ginger is also packed with essential minerals like zinc, phosphorus, and magnesium. Other nutrients found in ginger include sodium, calcium, and beta-carotene.

Using Ginger Ale to Reduce Inflammation and Eliminate Migraines

There are many factors which can cause migraines including inflammation, unbalanced electrolyte levels, and dehydration. Ginger is rich in electrolytes such as sodium and magnesium which can restore electrolyte levels in the body. For many years, ginger has been used for gastrointestinal distress. The active compound in ginger is known as gingerol, a very powerful anti-inflammatory agent that has potent anti-cancer effects against tumor and cancer cells.

Homemade Ginger Ale Recipe

Even though you can find canned or bottled ginger ale in many stores, you should know that they are not effective like the homemade ginger ale and they are packed with loads of sugar. Homemade ginger ale, on the other hand, is fresh and can provide numerous health benefits. Just follow the instructions below:

Needed Ingredients:

  • 1 ½ ounces grated ginger
  • 1/8 teaspoon active dry yeast
  • Healthy sugar of choice
  • 7 ½ cup filtered water
  • 2 tablespoons lemon juice


Heat up ½ cup of water and add the ginger and the sugar. Cover, remove it from heat and let it steep for 1 hour in order to make syrup. Pour this mixture through a strainer, and save the liquid that remains. In order to get as much syrup as possible, push on the solids in the strainer. Let the mixture cool.

You should pour the syrup in a 2-liter bottle and carefully add the yeast, water, and the lemon juice. Close the bottle and make sure to shake gently. After 48 hours, you should check the carbonation levels. Make sure to keep it in the refrigerator.

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