Eliminate Brown Spots With ACV and Onion

Brown spots, or also known as age spots or liver spots, represent brown and flat skin spots which can differ in size. Usually, they appear on the shoulders, hands, arms, and face since those body parts are the most sun exposed.

Although they mostly appear in people above the age of 50, young people can also have it unless they pay attention to the time spent on sun.

What Causes Age Spots?

Beside sun exposure, brown spots can also appear as a result of the frequent usage of the tanning beds. The pigment which gives color to our skin is melanin and it’s located in the upper layer of the skin. When the UV rays touch the skin, the melanin production accelerates and creates a tan which protects the deeper skin layers and prevent them from UV damage. So, the body areas which are mostly exposed to these rays are most likely to be covered with liver spots.

Therefore, to protect yourself from these spots, you need to take special care for your skin. Still, the brown spots are harmless. If you notice certain change in their shape or appearance, visit a specialist since they might lead to melanoma. Pay attention to the following changes:

Dark pigment

Accompanied by redness, tenderness, bleeding or itching

Irregular border

Increases in size

Unusual color

Age Spots Home Remedy

Age spots can be treated with bleaching creams, dermabrasion, laser, and chemical peels. However, now we will offer a natural recipe by Dr. Doug Willen who is also the author of ‘Quantum Paleo. It consists of 2 ingredients: ACV and onion juice. Onions are rich in antioxidants that eliminate the free radicals from the body. ACV has alpha hydroxy acids which remove the dead skin cells and rejuvenates the skin. This recipe will guarantee incredible results and make your skin shiny.

Preparation and Usage:

Dice 1 onion and pulverize it by using a pestle or mortar. Then, add the ACV and put everything in a blender. Mix until you get a homogenous mixture. Take a cotton ball and apply it on the body parts where the brown spots are.

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