Even though weddings are happy and significant occasions, reading about the lovely deeds done, there might be more memorable.

Even though weddings are lovely and enjoyable, reading about the beautiful deeds committed in the name of love during these ceremonies may have more significance. Millions of moviegoers were brought to tears by a woman named Elizabeth’s actions in favor of her future spouse.

On January 27, 2018, Elizabeth and Scott were supposed to exchange vows in Sydney, Australia. Everything worked perfectly.

She entered the room with her son as the stunning bride was getting ready for the big event, which would be a huge and unexpected surprise for the groom.

Scott began to lose his hearing when he was five years old, and three days later, he was deaf. As Elizabeth approached the altar, music started to play in the background.

Since they had first met two years earlier, the wife, who was a mother of two, had started learning sign language.

Three months before the wedding, Elizabeth perfected signing the love song.

Scott began to sob as soon as he saw what his wife was doing.

Elizabeth said: “I received letters from all around the world when the below video became viral.

The best feedback I ever received was from parents of challenged children who stated I had given them hope that their children would find true love.

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