Everyone in the hospital thought it was a baby when my daughter carried a blanket, but when she revealed

The woman revealed what she had brought into the hospital, the doctors and nurses were silent. Everyone thought the blanket was a baby. Look at what he hid:

Shelby Hennick, a 21 years of age, is said to have piqued everyone’s interest. She is praised by everyone for her kindness to her ailing grandmother.

Due to problems with her lungs, Grandma was in critical condition at the hospital. She was awake, but she was uncomfortable and not in very good health. The only thing that helped her fight the disease is to see Patsy, her dog, whom she had missed so much.

Grandma is so upset because her puppy is not allowed to enter in the hospital where grandma was receiving treatment.

Shelby didn’t give up, she came up with an original plan.

Shelby wrapped Patsy in a blanket. The dog was able to settle down during the ride with the vehicle and lie calmly under the blanket. Shelby, is a vet, she knows how to calm the puppy down.

Shelby entered the hospital with Patsy wrapped in a blanket confidently. Everyone assumed that behind in the blanket was a baby instead of a dog.


Grandma was shocked when her niece brought a blanket into the room. She didn’t know what might be there. However, when Shelby took the blanket off, Grandma was tears of Joy to see Patsy once more. It was all she needed.


A different individual claimed to have done the same thing for their grandfather after their story was shared on Facebook.

“I did the same with my grandfather when he was in the hospital, despite the difficulty of going in with us,”

What a fantastic tale! How many people would care enough about their grandmother to do that?