This Exercise Noticeably Shrunk His Belly in Weeks

We’re always on the lookout for the newest weight loss trend and, as long as it’s a healthy means of losing weight, we’re always excited to try some new method or trick! Well, this Japanese technique might be the most interesting and easiest that we’ve heard of to date. It’s only one simple exercise that you should do every day for 2-10 minutes and you might be surprised to hear what it is.

The exercise was initially prescribed to Japanese actor, Miki Ryosuke, to help him cope with back pain. But in the process, Ryosuke found that the method also was a fast and effective way to lose weight.

After just a few weeks of doing this exercise every day, the actor had lost 28.7 lbs. and 4.7 inches off his waist. Incredible, right?

Ryosuke has since been sharing this discovery online for all of us to try! This helpful video from Brightside walks us through the exercise step-by-step, and we can barely believe how simple it is.

Seeing the word “exercise,” you’re probably imagining some ab move or short cardio circuit – but this is nothing like that at all. Although this exercise does work your muscles, it’s not like your typical workout; you’re not necessarily going to be sweating bullets and you only need to stand in place to get the full effect.

An exercise where you don’t have to strap on running shoes? It seems too good to be true, we know.

The move is actually a breathing exercise, which doctors often suggest for back pain but also suggested for the most effective exercise. So how can breathing benefit your workout? Well, it’s called the “Long Breath Diet.”

Fat is made up of oxygen, hydrogen, and carbon. When the oxygen you breathe in reaching your fat cells, it breaks the fat down into carbon and water. So the more you breathe, and the deeper you breathe, will ensure that the most oxygen gets to those fat cells and therefore breaks down the most fat.

You read that right: breathing deeply actually helps you to lose more weight. And the exercise popularized by Ryosuke doesn’t even require breathing WHILE working out. It just requires a very specific type of deep breathing for an extended period of time.

The exercise requires that you stand in a particular pose to make the breathing as effective as possible. To see how to correctly position your body, make sure to watch the Brightside video below.

Next, you’ll want to breathe in deeply for three seconds before firmly exhaling for seven seconds. When exhaling, there’s a little trick to really boost fat burning and you’ll see it in Ryosuke’s stance below.

Repeat this for 2-10 minutes every day and you’ll be shocked by the results! It took Ryosuke a few weeks to see noticeable weight loss, and that might be all the time you see a difference, too!

What do you think of this unique breathing exercise? Let us know if you’ve tried this technique and whether or not it worked for you.

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