Exhausted store worker reduced to tears after being treated badly by shoppers

As supermarket stores struggle to keep up with demand amid so much panic buying we all need to spare a thought for those exhausted workers doing all they can to make sure the shelves are stocked.

These workers are putting their own health in danger and they deserve all our compassion and praise.

But one store worker got nothing but a barrage of abuse after shoppers decided it was okay to take their frustrations out on her.

The photo of the store worker at a Woolworths supermarket in Australia in tears being comforted by another shopper shows just what our hardworking store staff have to endure on a daily basis.

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A woman comforts the exhausted worker in tears after she was abused by customers frustrated at the lack of supplies as a result of panic buying and hoarding.

One woman who shared the image said customers should get a “reality check,” according to the Daily Mail.

“These poor workers are being brought to tears because of the way people are treating them, blaming them and abusing them for something they have no control over,” another woman wrote.

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“They’re humans just like the rest of us, trying to make a living, trying to do the best job they possibly can for everyone at the moment.”

Many supermarkets have placed limits on the number of items shoppers can buy in an attempt to stop hoarding. But some selfish shoppers have continued hoarding by buying two at a time, putting it outside the store and returning to buy another two just minutes after.

‘Got yelled at’

Other supermarket workers commented on the post with their own customer abuse stories.

“Walked into Woolworths wearing my Kmart uniform and got yelled at because they didn’t have toilet paper. Even though I didn’t work at Woolworths,” one woman said, according to the Daily Mail.

Another said: “So sorry these hard working people are being disrespected. What is wrong with people, can they show some respect to these people. Disgusting behavior.”

Australia has 2,799 cases of COVID-19 as of March 26 and 13 people have died, according to The Guardian newspaper.

“I take my hat off to the people working for Woolies, Coles and Aldi. Would be bloody tough at the moment. And it’s no ones fault that stores are out of stock. They’re all trying their best,” another wrote.

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I can’t imagine what anyone thinks they are achieving by screaming at a store worker. We’re all in this together and are just trying to do our best.

They are considered essential workers so have to show up every day, risking their own health. The least we can do is show them kindness and compassion.

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