Family Get Freaked out after Seeing Ghostly Faces in Daughter’s Party Pictures

As children we all experienced the sheer horror of watching a horror film which was just a tad too scary to handle. Much to the chagrin of our parents, we’d never hesitate to cry ‘ghost’ upon hearing the floor creak or at the sound of an innocent but unexpected footstep. My own personal nightmare took place after watching ‘A Nightmare on Elm Street’ with some older cousins. For months after, I would hesitate before climbing stairs in the dark and would never forgot to double check the underside of the bed or the inside of the wardrobe. But we all grow out of that eventually, that is if you’re not dealing with the real thing which is what one family from Brynhyfryd, North Wales is claiming.

Sally Watts, 43, shared a photograph taken by her daughter Charlotte, three years ago which seemingly depicts the eerie figure of a small child standing behind her.

This picture shows the moment when Mrs Watts presented her daughter Grace with a birthday cake. Unfortunately, the picture didn’t turn out to be the beautiful memento that it was intended to be because it held a more sinister revelation.

Recounting the moment where her family noticed the grisly creature, Sally Watts states that whilst the image “completely freaked” the family out, they did their due diligence by checking if anyone from the party was missing from the picture.

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