Family Mourning Loss of Mom To Cancer–Until They Find Letter, And The Happy Tears Flow

A mother’s love for her family is unconditional. Real mothers always think about their family before themselves, even in the worst possible situations. This mother did just that and left a resonating image of love with her family.

Margaret Summers, a loving mother and friend who was also known as “Peggy”, unfortunately, received the news that she had stage 4 kidney cancer in June of 2016. She went through so many trials after her diagnosis. She endured physical therapy, intense pain, sickness and other side effects from cancer. Her eighteen-year-old daughter, Hannah Summers, was there by her side through every bit of it.

Hannah went through the hard task of watching her mother deal with her sickness. She praised her for being strong and said her mother was her best friend.

You can see how close they were to one another. Hannah spoke very highly of her mother during an interview. She said, “My mom was the most selfless, compassionate person I have ever known and she meant the world to me.”

Margaret dealt with all of her physical ailments for fifteen months straight while preparing for a very dangerous surgery. Many people find this type of news really hard to accept, but Margaret made sure to make preparations that she did not mention to her family. She knew that there were risks involved in the surgery, and feared the possibility of not making it through it.

Realizing the disparity of her ailments, Margaret sat down and wrote a letter to her family. It was specifically addressed to her husband and her children, but they had no idea that she had written the letter until they found it after her death.

Hannah decided to share the letter and her mother’s story with others. She posted a picture of the letter, which started out with, “If you are reading this then the surgery did not go well.”

Her mother went on to write about how she thought that Hannah would be a wonderful nurse, which is what she was currently going to school for. She also gave her little girl some different pieces of advice in living out her life.

She wrote advice about preparing for car troubles and making sure that Hannah stayed safe while she was attending school. Margaret also made sure to mention that her daughter needed to make sure that she stayed focused on her school work, even if she got a job in the summer.

She added a comment with the image on Facebook, which stated, “It makes me smile because it’s so like Mom to be worrying about me getting stranded in my car during the winter or getting overwhelmed with school and work.”

Margaret ended the letter with a beautiful note of gratefulness as she talked about how thankful she was that God had let her have that last year with her daughter so that they could become even closer.

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