Family Thinks They Adopted Two Normal Dogs — But Watch When They Stand Up

Bee Fisher and her husband, Joshua, of Long Beach, California already had a big family. With three growing boys in the household, they didn’t have a whole lot of room or energy to spare. Still, they felt like something was missing…

That’s when the Fishers considered getting a dog. Ultimately, they decided to adopt two small pooches so they wouldn’t be lonely and they’d always have someone to play and run around with. The family was so excited about the new additions to the household!

They named their two puppies—Newfoundland puppies, to be exact—Ralphie and The Boss, and to say that these two pooches made their already large family an even bigger one is an understatement…

When the Fisher family adopted two Newfoundland dogs they named Ralphie and The Boss, they didn’t realize they’d be getting so much more than they bargained for. Since they first started sharing their adventures on their Instagram account, the Fishers’ massive family has been stealing hearts all over the world.

Ralphie and The Boss have been natural, albeit huge, additions to the Long Beach, California, family’s home. They are just a massive as they are lovable! It’s not surprising that the photographs that the family shares on Instagram have been such a tremendous hit.

While Newfoundlands are capable of reaching nearly 300 pounds, they’re actually full of love. Don’t let their bear-like appearance fool you! These pups are more likely to attack you with kisses than they are to ever do you harm.

Still, even the Fishers were surprised by Ralphie and The Boss’s size the day they went to the shelter to pick them up. They don’t just take up a lot of physical space; these huge dogs also take up a lot of room in their owners’ hearts.

Bee and Joshua’s three sons, Lenox, Cruz, and Tegan, all make great brothers for Ralphie and The Boss. It’s like adding to more kids to the mix! Two giant, hairy, and drool-prone kids, that is. It’s so awesome they all get to grow up together!

Whenever the Fishers travel, they love to bring their two dogs along for the ride! According to the Fishers, “They are gentle giants and we can take them anywhere.” It must be shocking to see this whole crew on the road!

Now this is one giant family! Can you imagine growing up with those two behemoths as your canine big brothers? What a crazy, totally unique experience! These photographs are just a taste of what the family’s everyday life is like.

While the dogs love to play with each and every member of their family, even they need a break from the grind from time to time! Thankfully, the Fishers “hired” a babysitter—in the form of a giant bunny—to keep their youngest, Tegan, preoccupied while The Boss catches a snooze!

Big dogs can mean BIG spit! It’s a good thing they have plenty of fur to catch all those dribbles when their tongues stick out. Although dogs can regulate their temperature through panting, it’s still worth it to be careful about leaving such a large dog out in the sun for too long.

The Newfoundland dog breed was actually thought to be the inspiration for J.M. Barrie’s most famous work, Peter Pan! Barrie himself owned Newfoundlands, so it would make sense that this is the exact breed he imagined for the Darlings’ guard dog, Nana.

Perhaps not so surprisingly, this giant breed gets their name from their origin. Newfoundlands were first bred on the coast of Newfoundland in Canada, where they were originally used to work the land and the water. They truly are great swimmers!

These muscular dogs were originally bred to swim long distances. Their very thick coats kept them warm as they swam out to retrieve fisherman’s nets. Compared to their ancestors, though, Ralphie and The Boss sure are living a life of luxury!

If you loved these photographs, then you’re in for one heck of a serious treat! The Fishers don’t just share photographs of their adventures with the pups—they also share videos! And believe it or not, their videos together are even better!

Ralphie and The Boss are the biggest and most adorable additions to this already beautiful family! It’s great to see how good they are around the kids, too.

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