Father gets praise for carrying his big dog rather than his young son.

An endearing video depicting a man holding his big dog while his little child walks beside him is enchanting perplexed yet affectionate internet users.

Luz Elena, from Mexico, recorded a video of a father holding his little son’s hand with one arm while carrying a sizable gray pit bull with the other arm, the dog’s tongue wagging as it rests its head on the man’s shoulder.

Elena’s heartwarming and amusing TikTok video titled “When your dog takes priority over your child” sparks discussions about family values. The video captures the father, dog, and son crossing the street and strolling along the sidewalk.

After reaching the sidewalk, it seems that a woman joins the trio, closely following them while pushing a child’s three-wheeled stroller or bike with a large boxed item placed on it.

A TikTok user proposed that the child had to walk because his mother took over his mode of transportation. “The comment mentioned the presence of the mother at the back with the push trike, implying that the child was walking because the mother used the trike for something else, possibly due to the dog being unwell.”

Some individuals commented that the sidewalk might be too hot for the dog’s paws, and they noticed that the child’s feet were protected by his shoes. One person suggested, “The puppy’s legs are burning, and the child is wearing shoes, so it’s better to carry the puppy.” Another person expressed, “This is genuinely heartwarming. The pavement is probably too hot for the dog’s paws, which is why he’s carrying him.”

Most users applauded the father’s decision to carry the dog, supporting the increasing acceptance of non-traditional, interspecies families, which often include a furry member as part of the family unit.

“Showing a great deal of empathy and responsibility for his pet and son by holding the child’s hand. Many blessings to him,” writes one individual. Another, emphasizing the father’s affection for both his child and dog, remarks, “He’s a super dad. I would have done the same. The child has shoes on, but the doggy doesn’t. It looks like it’s hot too. Besides, his mom was there; maybe he wanted to walk.”

Despite being shared by Luz over a year ago, this delightful video continues to receive significant attention and has amassed around 4.7 million views.

The way this father shows love for both his dog and child is truly adorable! We hope everyone treats animals with the same level of affection. What are your thoughts on this dad?

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