Federal judge whose family was attacked shares son’s final words and demands protection for judges

Two weeks after her son was killed and her husband was wounded during a shooting at their North Brunswick, New Jersey home, US District Court judge Esther Salas is speaking out.

In a video published on YouTube, Salas recalled her final moments with her son, Daniel Anderl, and explained the lack of privacy federal judges are given despite “making tough calls” that often leave people angry at them.

Salas described the final days she and her husband, Mark Anderl, spent with their son as one “filled with love, laughter, and smiles.” Their son celebrated his 20th birthday with friends the weekend a “madman” came to their home and shot and killed Daniel and wounded Mark.

She said that after his friends had left, he had stayed at home, while she and her husband went to church. When the two arrived home, they began to clean their home.