Fire department providing free hot meals for truck drivers

The world faces one of its toughest challenges as the coronavirus spreads across the globe.

But in the midst of this depressing crisis, many also show that there is an incredible strength in humanity if we work together and support one another. Solidarity and humanity are two words that are especially important in these times.

American truckers are currently doing a tremendous job of supplying vital goods throughout the country. There are probably many who take their jobs for granted – but today it’s obvious how important they are to the ordinary American.

Now a Fire department in Little Rock, Arkansas has opened their doors to make sure all truckers have a place to get food on their routes.

In a Facebook post, Quail Creek Fire Department Chief James Church declared that the Fire department will provide hot meals and coffee for truckers at no cost. Isn’t that a wonderful initiative?

Cody Church

The Facebook post soon went viral and currently has several thousand shares. According to the department, its been on their heart to help truckers since they heard that some truck stops are shutting down and no longer are able to serve food.

“I asked the guys if we wanted to go buy some stuff and start cookin’ for ‘em and we did so,” James Church told WCNC.

Right now the station’s main focus is helping truckers and offering them food, but the fire chief announces that they will not deny anyone else who is in need of a hot meal.

Quail Creek F.D

“Places like Texas Roadhouse and other places are giving them food, but they’re saying they don’t have a place to park. We have a large parking lot with a side road that’s pretty large. We have an industrial area around there that has 18-wheeler traffic quite often.”

If you’d like to help them with their efforts you read more here.

These are true Americans, loving and helping one another, not destroying and hurting everything we stand for!

Thank you for helping these truckers! God Bless them for a job well done! You all are so important! ❤

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