Flight attendant gives her safety speech, has passengers dying of laughter with her one-liners

Let’s face it: no matter how familiar we get cruising through the sky, flying through the air 30,000 feet above the ground is never completely comfortable. Though it’s far more dangerous to drive from your house to the gas station than it is to fly cross-country, the illusion of control we have behind a steering wheel just isn’t there when we’re being crammed into coach on a red-eye. Aside from downing a few complimentary drinks (what’s up, first class passengers), a little kindness and humor can go a long way towards smoothing out a long flight. Maybe that’s why the internet is going nuts for the spunky Southwest stewardess in the clip below.

The attendant in question is Mary Cobb who has undoubtedly been through the safety regulation motions one too many times. Instead of letting the monotony get the best of her, Cobb and her team decided to spice up the routine to keep their lives entertaining while relaxing the passengers—all while delivering all the necessary information to boot.

While the clip is full of one-liners, it may take a few viewings for all the zingers in Cobb’s polished routine to really sink in. To that end, we’ve made things a little easier by pulling a few choice lines:

“In the highly unlikely event that the captain lands us near a hot tub, everybody gets their very own teeny weeny yellow Southwest bikini.”

“The flight attendants are coming by … [to make sure] your carry-on items are crammed and shoved completely under the seat in front of you, leaving absolutely no room for your knees or feet.”

“Although we don’t anticipate a loss in cabin pressure, if we did we certainly wouldn’t be at work tonight.”

If the best comedy comes from pain, Cobb’s safety routine is a masterclass. All jokes aside though, we at Shareably wish all our flights had an intro as animated as this one is. However stressful flying can be (before even setting foot in the plane, in some cases), Cobb’s casual demeanor and quippy delivery have the whole flight in hysterics before they even leave the tarmac. It’s not hard to see why the footage has gone viral.

To sum it all up, Cobb deadpans yet again to put the instructions in perspective: “Basically, just do what we say and nobody gets hurt.” We’ll be sure to remember that the next time we fly. Safe travels, everybody!

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