FluMist is No More Recommended as The Best Flu Solution

You might have read some articles on Washington Times about how FluMist is growing in its benefits and how specialists are crediting it for wider preventions of the flu in the United States. But the things have turned around for FluMist after the current research by a representative CDC (Centre for Disease Control-and-Prevention).

FluMist is a vaccine that is sprayed into the nose instead of being injected and it had been quite famous within the families with kids to save their children from the pain of sharp pins. Back in 2003, The University of Maryland School of Medicine published a post regarding the increasing medical and financial benefits of FluMist. And they put forward a study stating that kids who’re vaccinated with FluMist miss fewer days from work and seek less medical care than those who don’t take it. This study was even presented in the National Foundation for Infectious Disease’s annual conference on vaccine research in Arlington and the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) also approved the benefits of FluMist after noticing a decline in 114,000 hospitalizations back in those days. But the research was still continued while people grabbing the FluMist from the market.

In those years, FluMist was the talk of the town and you, while reading this, might remember your parents taking you to the doctor for this very reason. But now, after all these years CDC is back with an important declaration that FluMist which is taken as the nasal spray is not good for your kid’s health. I think Dr King took things quite seriously to drop such an important discovery after all these years.

As FluMist nasal spray is famous for those who fear from injection pins particularly children but no matter what the reason is, the panel of CDC is now recommending to stop using it.

Why Stop Using FluMist?

Yes, this question made me research a lot about the old statements and new discoveries and urged me to combine the information in this very article to spread the news as early as possible.

Back in those days when FluMist hit the market with huge sales, flu was abnormally common in the US particularly from October to February and CDC noticed a huge upsurge in flu-related hospitalization and even the deaths. FluMist was a hope and it treated people well. But new studies by CDC reveal that FluMist mustn’t be used because it protected people only 46% of the times as compared to the current flu vaccine that is working quite fast.

What to Use if Not this?

The regular flu vaccine!

Yes, CDC is recommending the flu vaccine for all the population particularly for kids of 6 months or older. CDC further states that this vaccine was only 25% beneficial in the previous years. But it reduced the hospitalization 3 times more than the FluMist or any other vaccine. So, here it is the safe and FDA and CDC approved method to tackle you the flu.

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