Furious father shaves his daughter’s head to teach her a lesson

A man revealed that his daughter made fun of a student who lost his hair due to cancer treatment. He even pulled off the girl’s wig while teasing her. The father decided that the only way to teach his daughter was to be much more direct, because the daughter was unrepentant.


However, “bad blood” with someone does not justify the daughter’s behavior, as the father pointed out. They had apparently been fighting ever since when her daughter started dating the other girl’s ex-boyfriend.

He wrote: “This is not how I raised my daughter to treat people and it was really disgusting to hear how she acted from her principal.”

2. It did not appear that the girl had done anything wrong. In fact, she repeated her actions and claimed that the girl deserved them. The father had enough by this point.
3. He offered his daughter two alternatives.
4. The man offered two choices because he could not let this situation pass. First, she could not use any electronic device she owned, including her phone, computer, etc. and she would never again purchase. Two, she get her entire head shaved at the hairdresser.
5. Additionally, she does not purchase a wig and continue to attend school in this manner until the hair grows back In the end, she chose that option.

6. The child’s mother believes that the father went “way overboard.”

“Her mother went to ballistic and said it will make my child the target of bullying (kind of the point, teach her compassion),” he wrote in the post.
Keep in mind that the father has sole custody of his daughter because his ex-wife “moved with her new family” and he did not consult her.


He said “I came up with the punishment because I thought my daughter has empathy for the girl she bullied.”

The fact that my daughter is already aware of this. And this is the primary cause of my disgusting because of her behavior. It demonstrated an utter lack of compassion. I hoped that she walk to the school bald with the others girl that would teach her a lesson.

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