Genes cannot be deceived! This is what the youngest child of Jackson looks like now.

Jackson’s newest child arrived in 2002!

Blanket looks so much like his dad, it’s hard to describe!

The pictures of the pop star’s son, who has already grown up, can be seen in this article!

Everyone knows the King of Pop had three kids. Paris and Prince were born when he was married to D. Rowe. As for Blanket, he was born through surrogacy and looks a lot like his famous dad.

The pop star’s children were very young when they lost their dad. The oldest were 11 and 12, and Blanket was just 7. Their grandma, who is also the head of the Jackson family, took care of them temporarily.

After their dad passed away, they continued to live in the family’s home in San Fernando Valley. Not many people are aware that Blanket was the one his father almost “accidentally” dropped from the balcony while covering his face with a blanket, creating a lot of curiosity.

Recent camera shots show the guy, now all grown up, and his striking resemblance to his dad has become even more noticeable and stronger.

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