German brewery gives out free beer to locals during lockdown

With bars, restaurants and many breweries closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it isn’t a great time for beer lovers.

But at the same time, now is when most people could use a drink the most. Thankfully one German brewery has their back, giving away free beer.


Who doesn’t love a good German beer? They’re one of the most beer-drinking countries in the world, and the home of Oktoberfest.

But even the Germans’ eternal love for beer has been impacted by the coronavirus: local breweries are unable to sell to hotels and restaurants that are currently closed, leaving them with an excess supply.

So one brewery—the Willinger Brewery in Hesse—decided just to hand it out for free to the locals, according to Reuters.


The plan was a big success (of course, who wouldn’t want free beer?) with a big line of dozens of locals forming outside—all of whom stayed six feet apart and wore masks, in accordance with regulations.