How To Get Rid Of a Fish Bone Stuck In The Throat

I remember that during my childhood, my mother rarely prepared fish because she was always afraid that we might have an accident with a thorn. When he decided to prepare it because he knew the importance of eating fish, he examined every portion he gave us taking care to the maximum that there was no thorn.

This is a fear that all moms have because we have all heard of someone who has had a problem with a fishbone pierced in the throat. We know that it generates concern and in case it has already happened to you, you know that it is a very unpleasant moment.

We must all be alert, alert and prepared to face such a situation in which it is necessary to remain calm and act quickly.

So that you have in mind the possible solutions that can help you get out of this complex situation, keep in mind these useful tips.

– Coughing:

This is really the first resource we should use. Coughing hard, something almost instinctive that is part of a natural reaction to protect us from factors that irritate or upset the throat. If the spine is not too embedded it can be expelled at each cough.

– Water and salt:

If it is a small thorn, take a glass, add a little salt and drink with great sips. The water will help you to drag the thorn to follow its course.

– Marshmallows:

Marshmallows have a spongy texture and chewing becomes sticky. Try to chew as many marshmallows as you can in the mouth so that when swallowing this sticky lump drag the thorn down. Do not stop drinking a drink of water after swallowing the marshmallows.

– Rice:

The past cooking rice not quite tender can manage to drag the fish bone when swallowing. Swallow a large portion of rice to clear the spine.

– Olive Oil:

The softness of the olive oil can drag the embedded fish bone and allow it to slide down the throat.

– Banana:

Take a large piece of banana in your mouth and keep it there for a minute until it deserves it from the saliva. Then, swallow this banana bolus and then take a large sip of water. It is likely that the weight of this fruit will drag the stuck spine.

– Wet bread:

Take a piece of crumb bread, soak it in milk, oil or water and swallow it all at once. This is also a very old trick to remove stuck spines but few know that wet bread has a better effect because it becomes viscous and is more effective.

– Go to the doctor:

If after trying different home techniques you feel that the fish bone is still embedded in the throat and you even notice the appearance of some blood, it is preferable to go to a specialist to see how important the injury is and Help you get rid of the stuck spine.

Of course, no one ever wants to be present at the time when someone has an accident of this type, but it is important to be aware and know how to act in an emergency situation that in some cases can mean the life or death of a person

If something like this happens to you, try to stay calm and act conscientiously.


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