This Girl is experiencing a Strange Hair Syndrome

Phoebe Braswell is 21 months old kid with strange hair disorder. This type of children are rare in the world and according to a survey, only on hundred people are suffering from Uncombable Hair Syndrome. It is natural genetic disorder in which hair remains straight and cannot be brushed. When hair follicles are not round naturally but kidney shaped, this type of hair produced. Sometimes Phoebe has to face certain attitude when people confuse about her hair whether she comb her hair or not. Her mother also reported some severe moments in life but still, she loves her kid. She had tried every solution to get rid of them but could not succeed and hair refused to be maintained. It is much interesting that Phoebe is very happy that she got wonderful hair. Such hair is full white bright not being able to be combed or brushed down.

The Reality of this hair syndrome

The patients of hair syndrome have to be patient and calm because they have to suffer too many critiques because people usually do not know the fact behind this type of hair. They formally advise the guardians to brush hair to make them more beautiful which practically cannot be done.  With the passage of time, kids get used to their hair and their hair does not disturb them. In the case of a Phoebe, her mother has to face a lot of comments in the market and other public places which make her think that if she is neglecting her kid and does not take good care of her due to the public behaviour. Her mother told storey that once they were in the grocery shop and a woman was gone furious when she looked on her hair. She responded with an offence that she hates her as sh could not look after her kid as  Jamie did not brush her hair. Actually, she does not know whether the hair is natural or her mother does not wash and brush hair.

A research has been done in Bonn University in which they concluded that it is a rare phenomenon when kids got syndrome hair. Uncombable Hair Syndrome (UHS) is improvable with the passage of time. In this case, her mother realised that her kid suffered from the strange disease. She was worried about her growing syndrome hair, standing like straw. It was at her annual check up with the doctor whether doctor asked about the disease of kid either it is natural or not. She told the doctor that she got strange hair since her childhood. The doctor diagnoses the hair syndrome. Yes! It is not always encouraging that you get the unique thing in the world. It was a great chance for people who do not observe such special creature in the world.

Professor Regina Bets, a professor at the genetics departments found that this natural disorder has not the proper treatment. It is just said that it improved with the passage of time and with growing age.

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