Girl passes stranger in lane at Costco, and instantly reaches for phone

When Karen Aguayo and her friends found their attention distracted when they went shopping at their local Costco supermarket in Arizona, by a man in one of the aisles.

Like most others, the man was browsing the store for groceries with his electronic shopping cart.

Something about the man that made him different from the rest –which became clear to Karen and her friends once they saw his t-shirt.

Karen knew she had to do something from the moment she spotted the words on his back.

Robert Duran, 67, and his wife have become only too accustomed to the attention their t-shirts attract.

Usually, they ignore the strange looks however they’re more than willing to chat with anyone who asks questions.

At a glance, it looks like a simple black shirt with white text which is very similar to other types.

Its impossible not to be touched once you take the time to read the words.

The couple had one common wish, which was that someone would see the t-shirt and do what they could to help out.

Robert sadly suffers from kidney failure, currently, he is on dialysis three times a week, which lasts four hours for each session.

After a doctor diagnosed him with stage 5 advanced chronic renal failure he was finally placed on an organ waiting list.

Karen and her friends decided to inquire further when they read what was on Robert’s shirt.


Karen uploaded the photo she had taken to social media as she felt she had to do something.

Helping Robert find the donor he was looking for was all she wanted to do.

Karen’s post has been shared more than 260,000 times and a staggering amount of people have contacted Robert.

Karen explains: “Once I read his shirt I felt something in my heart. It’s not every day that you see shirts that say that and that was a first for my friends and I.”

Robert isn’t the only person in Arizona waiting for a perfect match as it turns out.

According to the Donor Network of Arizona, more than 2,100 people are in need of new organs, where the majority of those people are waiting for kidney transplants.

It’s not necessarily the dialysis or symptoms of the disease that are the toughest problem for Robert and his family it’s more so the agonizing wait.

Robert admits that each time the phone rings, his wife’s expectations peak as she has had a difficult time of things.

Is this the moment they call to say they’ve found a donor? they both wonder at the same time.

Robert confirms of his wife’s struggle, “It is tearing her apart.”

He didn’t ever believe that a regular shopping trip could possibly lead to an encounter that might well save his life.

Life is full of unexpected twists, as Robert describes Karen and her friends as “saints”.

“I think the Lord brought them down for me.

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