Girl Scouts set their stall outside weed dispensary, sell “several hundred” boxes in a day

The fact that marijuana is being legalized in more and more states is controversial to some and good news to others.

In any case, Girl Scouts look set to benefit from it, in so much as they’ve found a whole new avenue for selling their famous cookies.

A group of Girl Scouts in Chicago went viral at the weekend after they set up their cookie stall directly outside their local weed dispensary. The result? Well, things went pretty much how you’d expect them to, and the internet loved it.

Dispensary 33 shared a video of the stall outside their shop on Twitter, captioning it:

“Reporting to you live at Dispensary 33. We have Girl Scout cookies!! And not just the cannabis kind. Support your local Girl Scouts with us.”

It turns out the dispensary sells a strain of cannabis called “Girl Scout Cookie”, making them the perfect store for this group of enterprising Girl Scouts to go for.

As per reports in NBC Chicago, the idea was a massive success. In fact, a spokesperson for the Girl Scouts of the Greater Chicago Area and Northwest Indiana said “several hundred boxes” had been sold.

Britney Bouie, regional Girl Scouts spokeswoman, said: “They said they did good sales.”

Dispensary 33, meanwhile, were also delighted with how things went.

The store said:

“The response was incredibly positive. People were so excited… our customers loved it, our staff loved it.” 

The dispensary explained how they had worked with the Girl Scouts to set up the booth and are planning on more collaborations with other groups in the future.

“I encourage other troops to reach out and sell some cookies – I’m sure they’d have some good numbers,” said a statement. 

“It’s really great to see these very entrepreneurial girls getting out there in the community.

“We allow it as long as it’s approved by the parents and the troop leaders.”

Marijuana might not be for everyone, but this certainly seems like a good idea, and one where all parties win. How great is it that even the Girl Scouts benefitted?

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