Girl With Down Syndrome Loses It When She Receives A Call And Gets Her First Ever Job Offer

There are some things that we take for granted in life, like being able to go to school and get a job. For Julia Hock, all she wanted was to be a working girl, and landing her first job meant more to her than it probably does to other kids her age.

While some teenagers might feel disgruntled when their parents tell them to get a part-time job, Julia from Elk Grove, California, was more than eager to get her first job. Despite having down syndrome, Julia has never let it define her or stop her from achieving her goals.

At 17-years-old, Julia has already accomplished a lot outside of school. She is a varsity cheerleader and helps run the concession stand at the little league snack shop. But now she will be able to lend her hardworking attitude to another team – the Chick Fil A team.

Deciding that Chick Fil A was the place that she wanted to work, Julia recruited the help of her friends and school guidance councillor to help her prepare for her interview. Kids at school wrote letters of recommendation for her and a couple of kids helped her to pick out her interview outfit and drove her there.

Julia’s mother, Kerri, believes that she would be perfect to work at the restaurant as “She’s very friendly and very sociable. The person that loves the unlovable.”

After two interviews, Julia waited to hear back from the manager, praying that it would be good news. When Julia got the call from Chick Fil A, her mom, Kerri, captured the anticipated phone call on camera and it is one of the most heartwarming, empowering videos I’ve seen in a long time.

As Julia receives the good news, she breaks down in tears of happiness as her family silently celebrate around her. Kerri took to Facebook to share the video and write:

Julia Hock is a working woman! After two interviews, lots of interview practice with her teachers, and team of her friends helping her pick out outfits and putting in a good word – Juj was hired. So proud of our girl!

It looks like Julia is fitting in perfectly at Chick Fil A and there probably isn’t a happier and more grateful employee at the restaurant. Way to go Julia! Share Julia’s heartwarming story with your friends and leave your thoughts in the comments below.


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