Girl taken from her family and placed in foster home, this movie won’t leave anyone untouched

Unless you’ve been a foster child yourself, it’s difficult to even imagine how it might feel to be taken away from your parents, home and some cases – even your siblings.

No matter how bad things might be at home, many kids decide to bite the bullet in the in fear of being taken away, separated from their families and placed with strangers.

This short film tries to show how things might be perceived through the eyes of a child.

Everybody should watch this movie – it’s impossible not to be touched.

On September 30, 2015, there were an estimated 427,910 children in foster care in the US, according to the Children’s Bureaus annual report.

These children have been through a lot and need a lot of strength, and that’s why it’s extra important that they get the right amount of love and affection. It’s also important that they have an adult present in their lives, who is caring and a good role model.

Please share this film to raise awareness of the reality of children who are placed in foster homes or still stuck in the system.

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