Girlfriend sees a light flash outside tent, walks out and detects the horror

We use the expression “more chances of getting struck by lightning” to describe something that is extremely unlikely.

And indeed, the chances of actually being struck lightning are very small — over the last two decades, the US averaged 51 annual lightning strike fatalities, according to the NOAA.

But the consequences for those who do meet this unlikely fate can be catastrophic if they do not get right help right away.

18-year-old Juliet Moore and Isaiah Cormier were out on a camping trip outside Colorado, USA. They had just returned to their tent when it started to rain — so the couple decided to pack all their things in their tent to prevent them from getting wet.


Juliet had just gotten back into their tent to take shelter from the rain when she saw a large bright light outside. In panic, she called on to her boyfriend to check that everything was ok, but he didn’t respond.

She stuck her head through the tent opening — and saw Isaiah laying face down in the ground. She rolled him over, and when she checked to see if he was beating or had a pulse, she found nothing.

Stopped breathing again

Juliet had taken a first aid course, so she promptly began performing CPR. Her boyfriend began breathing, but then stopped again.

Juliet was desperate.

“There was kind of a moment where when I was giving him CPR, I was like ‘not yet,” she told CBS Denver. “I’ve got too much to do with this person. So you’re not allowed to leave yet.”


She made new attempts and suddenly Isaiah regained consciousness. Together with a nearby camper, they rushed him to hospital.


“We never could have expected something like this to happen. But I’m very grateful that my girlfriend was there and knew CPR,” says Isaiah.

Doctors at the hospital discovered just how lucky Isaiah had been — the powerful bolt entered through the side of his neck and exited from his right foot — thus missing all his vital organs. Nevertheless, “he wouldn’t have survived if she didn’t know CPR,” medical staff told CBS Denver.

Following their terrifying experience, Juliet and Isaiah have had a different perspective on life.

“Take a little time to be grateful for the people in your life today, because they’re wonderful. And just hold them a little closer,” Juliet says.

We may all need to a reminder of what is important in life, please share in spreading Juliet’s wise words! 

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