I Got My Period, Then Bled Into Menstrual Panties For 5 Days Straight. Here’s How I Felt

A few years ago, my friends started talking about period-proof underwear, specifically one brand: Thinx.

I scoffed — underwear that could be used in place of tampons, pads, and menstrual cups? Yeah, right.

Clearly, I was skeptical about these “period panties,” even though I’d seen positive reviews online.

It wasn’t until a few of my friends tried them and came back to me with glowing reviews that I decided it was finally time to try them out myself. Plus, Thinx gives back to women around the world, working to empower girls and provide safe spaces for women to talk about their health.

After having such great success with a menstrual cup, I found that I was actually excited to try out the period-proof underwear.

But honestly, I had some major concerns. One, would they actually work? Two, what if they leaked? Three, was I just supposed to free bleed into these? Four, how do you clean them?

When I told people I was going to use Thinx, they were either excited for me or dumbfounded at the idea that I would just willingly bleed into my underwear.

What Is Thinx?

Thinx was founded in January 2014 by a few friends who wanted to break the taboo around periods and create a new product that could help women all around the world.

They started with just a few styles of underwear, but they’ve since branched out into more styles of panties, a few types of activewear, and some tampons and merchandise.

The underwear ranges between $24 and $39.

How Do The Period Panties Work?

Basically, they work by absorbing the blood and wicking it away from your body.

According to their website, “Thinx is made up of four bits of tech that makes ‘em anti-microbial, moisture-wicking, absorbent, and leak-resistant.”

In more basic terms, “The top layer fights bacteria and absorbs any liquid into the über thin layer right beneath it, so you always stay dry (and fly, obvi).”

They make sure to clarify: “And no, they don’t feel like diapers, and it’s not like sitting in your own blood. Boom.”

Let’s be honest, using menstrual pads totally feels like using a diaper. How different could this really be? I was about to find out.

The different styles of underwear can hold different amounts of blood, anywhere from half a tampon to two tampons’ worth.

This helps you adjust for different rates of “flow” at different points in your cycle.

Most of them come in two different colors (black and nude), but there are a few other choices as well, depending on the style.

I decided to get the Hiphugger style and the Sport style.

According to Thinx, the Hiphugger “is a fan fave AND champion in the absorbency olympics. The Hiphugger holds up to two regular tampons worth of blood, and can back up tampons and menstrual cups on your really heavy days.”

And the Sport style? “This style is made so you can keep your head in the game, and not in your pants! The Sport holds up to 1 1/2 regular tampons worth of blood, and can back up tampons and menstrual cups on your heavy days.”

In other words, you can use additional products in combination with these undies if it makes you feel more secure.

With all the information, it was finally time to put the period-proof underwear to the test.

Wearing Thinx Period Underwear: Day 1

I knew my period was going to start on Wednesday, but I was worried that since I only ordered my period-proof underwear on Friday, they wouldn’t make it in time.

Somehow, as if by magic, my Thinx arrived half an hour before my period started.

I opened the pack at my desk and changed into the Sport pair in the office bathroom.

I was surprised to find that they were not only comfortable, they were also really cute!

And no, it didn’t feel like I was wearing a diaper.

The period-proof underwear is a little thicker than normal underwear, but not nearly as thick as a menstrual pad.

They seem more like they just have a few layers of fabric — and they’re not stiff and awkward.

The outside layer looks almost like a swimsuit material, but the inside feels cottony and normal.

The Sport pair said “real menstruating human” on it, which I was thrilled with.

Immediately after I put them on, I went to a meeting with a few of my editors, who had a million questions for me: Are they uncomfortable? Are you terrified you’re going to get blood on your pants? Does it feel really weird?

I’d only had them on for a few minutes, so I didn’t have any answers yet, but I told them I’d keep them posted.

The whole first day I had just bled into the panties — and I didn’t leak at all!

The first day of my period is always pretty light, but I knew I wouldn’t be able to just use the underwear for the second and third days of my period, since I definitely bleed more than two tampons’ worth during an eight-hour workday.

While I was wearing them, I definitely didn’t feel like I was just sitting in my own blood. However, I also didn’t feel as dry as I could. This is basically what I expected.

Wearing Thinx Period Underwear: Day 2

On the second day of my period, I decided to go with the Hiphugger style of period panties. These ones had lace around the top, and they were more full-coverage.

I actually preferred the Hiphugger style to the Sport because it felt more secure and was a style I would more typically wear.

On my second day, I decided to use a menstrual cup and use the period underwear as backup — while I would normally use a pantyliner or pad, I didn’t need to because of the panties.

Wearing Thinx Period Underwear: Days 3 To 5

On day three, I switched back to the Sport style of panties. For the next two days, I just switched back and forth between Hiphugger and Sport.

Day four marked a fun LittleThings outing to Luna Park at Coney Island in New York. We went on some wild rides, and all the adrenaline made me a little sweaty.

Unfortunately, because they’re super-absorbent, the Thinx also absorbed my sweat — when I took them off at the end of the day, the underwear definitely didn’t smell the best.

On day five, I again went without tampons or my menstrual cup, and just bled freely into the underwear.

Washing Thinx Period-Proof Underwear

I washed the Thinx panties in the sink each day, using cold water and regular laundry detergent, then hung them to dry.

This was the most difficult part of the week, waiting for the period-proof underwear to dry between each day (you’re not supposed to put them in the dryer, so you just have to wait for them to air dry).

Because they’re ultra-absorbent, they take forever to dry — 24 hours!

That said, I was able to get them to dry each time with a little help from a handy dandy hair dryer.

I definitely found myself wishing I had more pairs of period-proof underwear, instead of just two.

If you plan to machine-wash the panties, you just need to rinse them in cold water, then put them into the wash like any other clothes.

At the end of the week, that’s exactly what I did.

I washed the panties with the rest of my dirty clothes, using cold water. After the washing machine was done, I hung them to dry.

At the end of the week, I reflected on my period and thought about whether or not the period-proof underwear was worth the hype.

My Thinx Period Underwear Review

Thinx Pros:

  • they’re comfortable and cute
  • they feel secure and truly period-proof
  • they’re easy to use
  • they cut down on tampon/pad waste
  • they’re easy to clean and wash

Thinx Cons:

  • they take a long time to dry
  • you can’t just have one pair
  • the lace on the Hiphugger started to fall apart a bit in the washing machine
  • because they’re ultra-absorbent, they also hold sweat, which makes them grab onto odors if you work out (or get sweaty another way)

Final Conclusions

Would I use them again? Definitely — although I’ll be happy to have the option to not wear them every single day next menstrual cycle.

Would I recommend them to a friend? Definitely! I think these panties are a great way to feel more secure when you’re on your period, and they work really well as a backup for heavier period days.

Do you think you’d try these period-proof underwear?

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