Grandma forced to spend 88th birthday alone sings to ‘Happy Birthday’ to herself in viral video

Even with tight social distancing restrictions in place due to the coronavirus, life goes on. That means babies are still being born, coworkers are still grabbing a drink after work, and birthdays are still being celebrated. They’re just all happening a little different nowadays.

Norma Gregotio recently celebrated her 88th birthday and like many others with birthdays in March and April, she had to spend the day by herself.


Even though she was alone, her family didn’t want the day to feel any less special so they sent her a birthday surprise.

“[Our family] sent her a flower cake from 1-800-Flowers. She was very appreciative and she just decided to record herself singing ‘Happy Birthday,’ and emailed it to me and my family,” Norma’s granddaughter, Jessica Kerrigan, told Good Morning America.

“It was just the cutest thing, and I decided to post it,” Jessica said.


🥺🥺 my grandma celebrated her birthday by herself (part 2 she sings hbd to herself) #quarantine #quarantinelife #grandma #birthday #coronavirus

♬ original sound – jessykay97

Jessica shared the video of her grandmother singing “Happy Birthday” to herself on TikTok and the clip has since received over nine million views.


My grandma celebrating her birthday and singing happy birthday to her self part 2 🎂🥺 #quarantine #grandma #birthday #foryou #covid19 #coronavirus

♬ original sound – jessykay97

When asked why she sang to herself, Norma responded, “It was my birthday and I was here by myself.”

Although she was a bit disappointed the cake wasn’t edible. Perhaps once everyone is allowed to see each other again, she’ll get a proper birthday cake!

The 88-year-old, who knows how to use Skype, WhatsApp, and TikTok even recorded another video for her fans to thank them for making it one of the best birthdays ever.

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