How To Grow Your Own Endless Supply Of Turmeric Indoors

Sure, it is easy to buy turmeric powder to whip up your own turmeric smoothies, turmeric tea, or organic Golden milk. Well, the thing is that may not be able to find it year-round, and in most cases, it is not organic.

Fortunately, turmeric is easy to grow indoors. All you need is a partial sunlight and a pot. Give the plant what it likes and trust me it will reward you!  The best thing is that turmeric is very easy and simple to grow. It will grow like a weed, so soon you will have an endless supply of fresh turmeric that is extremely beneficial and has a great number of purposes!

Turmeric does not produce seeds, so planting the rhizome is the best way. This plant takes 6-8 months from planting to harvest. A turmeric plant that is completely grown may grow up to three or more feet tall and has large green leaves.

Being a tropical plant, turmeric thrives in warm, humid conditions. It thrives in a climate of between 65oF and 85oF (about 20oC to 30oC). This means that growing the plant in a pot indoors is ideal in the cold countries.

Planting Preparation

How To Choose Your Turmeric Rhizomes

You can go in your local organic health food store or farmer’s market to find the best turmeric rhizome. If you were not able to find at some of these places, you can get them from the local ethnic grocery stores (Indian or Asian stores). Always opt for rhizomes that are not shriveled and old, but rhizomes with many bumps (buds) along the sides.

The Perfect Pot Size For Your Turmeric Plant

Turmeric root is known for its ability to grow in every direction from its mother, which is not the case with ginger root. So, you will need a 12 inches wide and 12 inches deep pot. Put one piece of turmeric finger in the pot but make sure it has a few buds. It is recommended to start sprouting your rhizomes in smaller containers. Once they grow a little taller you can transfer them into larger containers. Don’t forget that they can grow up to 3 feet tall.

Type Of Soil For Growing Your Turmeric

You should use well-draining potting soil. It is recommended to plant the turmeric in a light and loamy soil rich in organic matters. Use an all-purpose liquid fertilizer to fertilize your pot every month!

How to Grow Your Turmeric Rhizome in a Pot

First of all, you should break the finger rhizomes off its mother, but make sure each piece is with at least 2-3 buds. Then, fill your pot with the rich soil and bury the pieces of rhizomes two inches below the soil surface, but make sure the buds are facing up. It is recommended to place the pot in a place that does not get too much direct sunlight and stays reasonably warm. You should keep the soil moist. Water it lightly or use a spray bottle to mist it, especially if the air in your room is dry.

How and When to Harvest Your Turmeric

Turmeric grows slowly. It takes at least 4 weeks before you notice a shoot breaking the soil. However, you should be very patient. You will be very happy when you see the shoot, trust me! It usually takes 6-8 months before harvest time. Once the leaves begin to dry out and the plant begins to turn yellow, you will know you can dig up your turmeric.

It is recommended to remove the dried leaves occasionally. You should not dig up the entire plant, you can harvest a few root fingers as you need, and let the rest of the plant to continue growing. However, you should be extremely careful. Wash off the dirt and that is it! Take a few pieces of this root and you can start another pot!

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