These Guys Have Challenged The Internet To Find The Dildo In These Pictures And It’s Harder Than You Think

In many an airport waiting lounge, before there were iPads or computers to keep me company, I used to pass the hours and minutes before a flight by reading a Where’s Waldo? picture book. Considering that the titular Waldo looks a little like Harry Potter had an illegitimate child with the Cat in the Hat, you’d think finding him would be pretty straightforward, but for me, the books were pretty challenging.

At no point, however, did I finish the last puzzle on a Where’s Waldo? book and think to myself: “I wonder if this could be applied to dildos”. That might have been because I was 10 years old, but I would imagine it’s pretty difficult to hide a giant, veiny, plastic penis in anything other than a pile of other giant, veiny, plastic penises.

After taking a look at the Subtle Dildo photo gallery, though, it appears I stand corrected. The Instagram account takes the classic concept of Where’s Waldo? and gives it a significantly adult-themed twist. People all over the internet are straining their eyes to find the dildos hidden in these pictures, and yes: there’s a sex toy hidden in each one. Can you find them all?

1. Video game night

2. Putting up the Christmas lights

3. Having a jam session

4. An unexpected visitor

5. A casual kitchen knife fight

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