He was shocked by what the bystander saw on the grass.

On Facebook, Pedro Bras posted a picture of firefighters from Portugal’s Pedróg Grande.

Everyone is aware of the seriousness and significance of the job of firefighter. Pedro Bras, a firefighter, shared a picture on the internet that demonstrated how seriously the firefighters take their work.

In Portugal’s forest fire fighting region, there is a significant demand for firefighters. To put out the fire and stop its spread, 1,150 firefighters are working around the clock.

In many places, fire and destruction caused 25 injuries this year. The two devastating fires that struck Portugal in June and October of last year resulted in the deaths of 114 people in total.

This picture shows firefighters working in dangerous conditions despite being exhausted from their heroic efforts.

After fighting the enormous Pedróg Grande fire for several hours, Pedro sent a picture of some firefighters looking to unwind.

We decided to take a quarter-hour nap by the river after working all day and night; Then we noticed that there was a lot of smoke in the air.

Pedro claims that the firefighters took a brief 25-minute break on the riverbank after 24 hours of nonstop work. He stated that firefighters have taken a break for the time being. In the shot, the smoky environment was clearly visible.

On August 5, the temperature reached an all-time high of approximately 116 degrees Fahrenheit. Several additional firefighters agreed to assist in the fight against the forest fire in addition to the 13 machines that poured water on it.

According to AWM, 160 soldiers were brought in to assist with the evacuation.

The photo received more than 9,000 user responses, 1,300 comments and more than 5,900 shares before it went viral. A large number of people expressed surprise at the actions of the firefighters.

According to Manja Knofel, every firefighter in the world is a hero in their own right. Sweetie Racch, a user from Paris, stated that they deserved a “break and praise” for their excellent work.

Firefighters, in the words of Portuguese Prime Minister Antonio Costa, did everything in their power. Many of them were hurt to the point of death.

The police hoped that the situation wouldn’t happen again this year.

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