Health is Important and Here is How Great Nations Dealing it

Health care system of the US is a unique systemamong all developed states of th world. It is not a universal system completely funded by the government while its budget comprises the partnership of public sectors as well. The health policies are completely dependent on the  political governments to change and constitute new policies for their people. It kept on changing overtimes, that’s why it is called the hybrid system. In 2014, 90 % of the total population has received health insurance while 66% of the workers are covered by private health insurance plan. Due to the involvement of private sector into national health care system, it becomes costly for the government and disparities to become high.

Health and governmental problems:

The present health care was introduced the health care system the US is a unique one due to its structure among all developed countries because it does not have universal coverage throughout the country. The health care system and its policies are dependent on the political governments which make and change policies by Obama administration which is about to be declared null and void by new Trump administration. Around 60 % of the physicians in America reported that their patients do not have enough to pay them for better treatment due to high costs. According to the known statistics of 2014, only 28 % of total health spending from government expenditures while 48 % is generated by private funds, 20% from private businesses and 28% of households.

By keeping in view the above statistics of health care system, President Trump decided to get rid of that system and introduce a new health care bill which would suit Americans to the best as a whole. The Republican Party of America is trying to delay the vote on the bill because they do not want a new bill but slight alterations in the existing bill while democratic government is doing its best to get passed this bill. A Republican legislator McConnel made an excuse of the Independence Day to delay the votes which look like disgusting statement as they do the politics for public service. Then what is the use of doing politics in a matter of live public interests? President Obama himself spoke against the GOP Senate bill.

U.S. President Donald Trump reacts after Republicans abruptly pulled their health care bill from the House floor on Friday in the Oval Office of the White House on March 24, 2017 in Washington, DC. Photo by Olivier Douliery/ Abaca.

The health care bill is a burning debate in political circles of the US because the descions of the senators would show their commitment to public service or their own political interests. Both, the Republicans and the Democrats are at odds with each other in the Legislature. It is clear like broad day light that Obama care health care program is costly and beyond the reach of low income earners. Trump administration is trying to abandon that bill and replace it with a new bill called GOP Senate Bill. Just Random News would keep you updated with all latest information regarding health care Bill. Keep visiting us,,,,


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