“Healthy” man dies alone after self-isolating himself due to coronavirus symptoms

A ‘fit’ and ‘healthy’ 47-year-old man has died at home after developing coronavirus symptoms, according to reports.

As per the Daily Mirror, Tim Galley self-isolated after becoming sick, distancing himself from girlfriend Donna Cuthbert in an attempt to stop the spread of the virus.

He had first experienced a small tickle in his throat after attending a bachelor party on Saturday. Tim, from North Wales, then developed a fever after not going into work on Monday.

Girlfriend Donna said: “Of course I was very worried about when he developed the fever, as I was worried about the coronavirus.

“But as he wanted to protect me I couldn’t go and visit him.”

She went on to add how she urged him to phone an ambulance as he was steadily getting worse. He told her that he was fine, however, and said ambulance staff would be busy helping other people.

On Monday, Donna messaged Tim to say she was worried she wouldn’t be able to see him for a couple of weeks if they were both forced to self-isolate. He responded by saying: “Don’t be silly, of course you will.”

He failed to return any of Donna’s calls after that, prompting her to ask a neighbor to check in on him Tuesday.

“I asked his neighbour to check on him as they had a key. They found him in bed,” she said.

“Paramedics in protective clothing came, and I just can’t bare the thought he was all alone.”

Donna continued:

“He just had such a massive heart and we had such a wonderful life together.

“We were supposed to be attending my daughter Danielle’s wedding but that has also been cancelled because of the coronavirus.

“We went on so many holidays and had so many things planned. He was my future.”

Indeed, too many lives are being torn asunder by this horrible virus. The best thing we can do, for ourselves and everyone else, is to stay inside and follow government protocol.

Rest in peace, Tim, you’re no longer in pain now.

Please, please don’t ignore the advice of the experts. Coronavirus is a serious problem and will continue to be moving forward for the foreseeable future.

It’s not just elderly or sick people dying from this virus, but the young and healthy too. We must work together and take all the necessary precautions to stop the spread.

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