Here Is How To Activate Your Hormones To Burn Fat!

There are no philosophies behind successful and healthy weight loss. It comes down to eliminating sugar, consuming a lot of veggies, consuming vegetable protein and increase the intake of healthy fat/oil. You should follow a strict schedule which will be consisted of three small meals. You should avoid meals after 7pm. Also, you need some light-weight training.

Many people aren’t aware that unhealthy weight gain is a result of working hormones in the body. The stress hormone has been associated with weight gain, obesity and overconsumption. The food is also another factor. The following regimen can keep the weight gain hormones in balance and activate the hormones that burn the fat.

1st step:

*Cut the sugar out*

The carbohydrates have negative impact on the weight loss goals. Carbohydrate deposits from sugar-rich foods like processed foods, cookies, alcohol and starchy vegetables provide energy that the body uses instead of burning the reserves of fat.

2nd step:

*increase the veggie consumption*

Increase the intake of vegetables especially beans and greens. Steamed and raw greens need more energy to digest and that is great for the regime. The fiber content in vegetables is good for the intestinal cleansing. For better results, consume greens for breakfast and large salads at lunch and dinner.

You can also juice the veggies. The dark greens like spinach, kale, parsley and celery are recommended for people dealing with blood sugar issues. In order to add more protein use cauliflower, string beans and asparagus. If you like sweeten juices, use apples, Beets and carrots. Adding six tbs. of hemp seeds and two tsp. of ground flaxseeds in the juice can replace a meal.

*Consume veggie protein only and use healthy fat/oil*

Replacing the animal protein with legumes like lentils and beans is very important change. Great alternative to butter is the coconut oil and the olive oil to the sunflower oil. Gradually cut down the vegetable carbohydrates like rice and whole grains to half per serving. Protein is important for building the tissues and muscles during exercise. Oil and protein keep you full for longer time. Include healthy oil and protein in each meal. If you do not, you will start craving for carbohydrates and you will be nutrient deficient and it will hamper the weight loss results.

3rd step:

*Follow tight eating schedule*

When you lose weight, it is important to train the body not to crave for food after 7pm. Eating three small meals or two meals and a salad for dinner is everything that the body needs for burning the fat. Avoid sugary drinks, fruit juices or herbal teas between the meals. You should know that if you skip meal you won’t do something good. Cook the meals, eat slowly and stop eating when you feel full. You should know that this phase may take few weeks or a month.

4th step:

*Light weight training*

-Do thirty minutes every other day-

Another important thing is adding light weight exercises as it stimulates the fat burning. Even thirty minutes of exercising every other day can help you build new muscles from the protein. You can include ten minutes cardio like biking or running to warm up and increase the heart rate. Do at least 2 sets of each and relax one to two minutes between sets. Do the sets until you feel muscle strain.

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