Here is How You Can Gain Weight Normally and Healthily

Weight management is a hot topic for discussion nowadays. Different people have different thoughts or ideas to change their body shapes according to their mood. Everyone wants to be attractive and decent in his looks. Some people search for weight losing ideas and vice versa. But the truth is that you look decent in your normal weight. If you have weight less than normal, you are sick and if more than normal, you are overweight which is a disease in its own. So, efforts should always be made to achieve the normal weight that varies with age and height. First, you should make the calculations (use BMI scale) according to your age and height then set your goal and stuck to it until you achieve it.

Weight gaining is not much difficult as you normally presume. Weight gaining does not mean that you gain a bunch of unhealthy belly fats or tummy but you have to gain balance amount of muscles. Then what are we waiting for! Let’s do it!!

Eat more calories:

The first thing about gaining weight we should keep in our mind is to take more calories in our food than we burn in a normal routine. The women’s normal diet should have comprised 2000 calories and 2500 for gaining weight. For men, the normal calorie intake should be 2500 but 3000 for their weight gain. But do not forget to have a healthy diet. You can eat dark chocolate, chia seed, peanut butter, grape nuts cereals, rice cakes, raisins and quinoa. Eat right live right!

Eat protein rich foods:

Proteins and calories are the major nutrients that can help you to gain weight. But I want you to gain weight healthily. The proteins are the building blocks of your muscles in fact. Hence eating protein can help you to gain weight healthily and give your body a nice look!

The protein rich foods are fish, eggs, dairy products, legumes, nuts, almonds, walnuts and dates.


Yes, beverages are helpful for gaining weight. Some of you may find that drinking fluids make you full and you cannot eat much which means it comprises proper intake of calories. Then what should you do? Oh, it is not much difficult to have more calories and proteins along with your diet in the form of drink. It is better for you to sip high-calorie beverages along with your meal or snacks.


Exercise can help you to gain weight smoothly, especially the strength training by building your muscles. Daily exercise boosts your metabolism to work fast and stimulate your appetite. To increase your weight, the best exercise is to lift heavy weights and try to increase volume and weights over time.

Eat frequently:

You may feel full faster when you are underweight than a normal human being or an obese person. To handle it carefully you should make five to six smaller meals than two – three larger meals.  Always use larger plates to gain larger weight.

Eat well live well!

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