Here Is The Worst Side Of American Administration About Health In Rural Areas

Being developed country, there is no doubt that America has deep rooted health care system which provides instant health facilities to its citizens. There is a central institution formally known as CDS, stands for Centre for Disease Control. The major function of this centre is to diagnose a disease and prevent it which functions throughout the country. As CDC is responsible for controlling and preventing diseases from spreading upto a threat level which shows the strength of health system.

Despite having many qualities, there are some short comings which make a system vulnerable and need to be addressed shortly. In this week, CDC issued a report on the Cancer in which it exposed that a number of cancer patients are increasing in rural areas than the patients in urban areas following the large death rate in villages. It implies that the rural people are more becoming the victim of cancer like lungs cancer, laryngeal cancer and cervical cancers mostly caused by smoking and drinking than people of urban areas.

The report revealed that poor writ of government may allow people to consume such items which can cause cancer. The report mentioned another possibility which cannot be ruled out in this regard. It says that rural areas do not have immediate access to diagnostic centers or people might not know the symptoms of cancers, that’s why they could not get proper medication and ruined their life. The urban people have all medical facilities as their door steps which creates disparity among different sections of same society.

It highlights that all the rural people do not get health insurance due to ignorance or lack of knowledge which abandon them to get prevention facilities from the government which may prevent disease in early stages. Moreover, it highlights the social disparity in the society and seems as the rural people are intentionally made sick and poor which decrease the life expectancy rate of rural Americans. This disparity in rural areas not only increases the disease of cancer but also increases the death rate due to improper treatment which call into question the performance of the government.

Maggie Elehwany, vice president at government affairs, asserted that the rural people should also have health insurance and would keep equal treatment facilities without any discrimination. The government is making alterations in existing health care policies which would be hopeful for backward people of America in getting proper medication. The CDC is planning to launch a movement to make people aware of different diseases and give them disease education to better diagnosis and to prevent them at first hands. The above mentioned flaws in the system cause different evils in society which would lead people to fall a prey to a disease. In this modern time, it is not difficult to get villagers insured for their health and facilitate them in diagnosis and treatment. Just Random News would keep you updated about all heath related stuff so that it may help you to maintain good health and live a better life.

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