Here’s How To Properly Cook Hard Boiled Eggs!

Experts state that eggs old between seven and ten days are perfect for cooking and they can likewise most easily be peeled. It is quite probable that you have noticed that there are certain eggs that can be peeled quite easily, and others that can cause you some problems, even though they are all in the same box.

Therefore, we are going to present you with an interesting technique that is going to ease your cooking.

What you should do is add one teaspoon of baking soda while cooking the eggs. Older eggs are more alkaline, therefore they can be peeled more easily, and fresh eggs are less alkaline, therefore it can be more difficult to get rid of their shell. Baking soda can raise their alkalinity, so as a consequence you are going to be able to peel them without any problems.


#1. This technique is going to aid you learn how old the eggs actually are. You should place them in some water and observe what is going to occur. If it happens that they sink horizontally, that is, on the side, it means that they are very fresh eggs. However, if the eggs sink vertically, it means that they are perfect for cooking, and if the eggs come near the surface, then they are old.

#2. If you like your eggs hard boiled, then you should place them in cold water and boil them. In this manner, they are less likely to break.

#3. If you like eggs that have a soft yolk, you should dip them in some hot water with the use of a tablespoon and make certain that you measure the time. It all depends on how big the egg is, but nonetheless it takes around three minutes.

#4. If you wish to prevent the egg from fracturing, you should heat the eggs prior to placing them in hot water. This can be done in two manners: you can take them from the fridge and leave them to reach room temperature level or leave them in hot faucet water for a couple of minutes. The significant change of the temperature level is the primary cause for the cracking.

#5. Whilst cooking the eggs, make certain that all eggs are covered with water as they are not going to be cooked evenly. If they are boiled too much, the egg white is going to be similar to gum and the egg yolk is going to get a greenish color.

#6. If you wish to prepare an omelet in a shell, you should shake the egg well prior to boiling it. This is called “golden egg” due to the fact that the inner side has a yellow color.

#7. This is going to aid you peel the eggs in an easier manner. After you boil the eggs, place them in cold water.