Hollywood Actress Kicks Her Parents Out of Her Childhood Home for A Tear-filled Surprise

Grab the tissues. Hollywood Actress Mila Kunis decided to surprise her parents with a complete condo make-over.

Mila Kunis teamed up with Houzz,  a home interior design company, to give her parents their dream home. Since moving from Ukraine with very little resources, Mila Kunis’ parents have lived in the same condo since Mila was 9.

Mila says in her Houzz special “Home is warmth and comfort…”

In the video, Kunis states that her parents love their home and will probably never move. Additionally, their best friends live on the same floor and they know everyone. Understanding that her Mom and Dad would not want to move into a different home, she decided to surprise them with a renovation of their condo.

I desperately want to give them something they deserve…”  Mila says.

First, take look at the “before” view of Mila’s parent’s home reveals a simple style with comfortable furniture.

Mila who was 9 months pregnant at the time knew she was going to need some help. So she enlisted LA Designer, Breeze Giannasio using the Houzz app. Together they came up with a plan to open the floor space.  Mila’s biggest concern was that her mother is always in the kitchen cooking. As a result, she was frequently cut off from the rest of the family.  This meant taking down the separating wall was non-negotiable.

Most inspiring was how Mila took items and lifestyle that were important to her parents and included that in the list of requirements for the designer.  A triptych that hung on the wall was brought from Ukraine by her father. Because Mila knew it meant a lot to him, she made it very clear that the three paintings must stay in the space. It was touching to see how much she cared about respecting what was important to her parents!

Everyone seemed pleased with the final product and Mila said about the space, “I definitely think there’s gonna be a lot more Sunday dinners there.” 

The final results are STUNNING. Most of all, we loved seeing her Mom’s reaction to the transformation. We think you will agree her parent’s reactions were the best part. And we hope they have many happy moments together in her parent’s beautiful new home!

WATCH: Hollywood Actress Kicks Her Parents Out

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