This Homemade Oven Cleaner Is Better Than Name Brand Ones, And You Already Have The Ingredients

Have you already started thinking about spring cleaning? Are you feeling the daunting task of picking up all the supplies you need to get your home spic and span for the nicer weather? It can really put a strain on the budget when you think of everything you will need.

It’s time to forget about all the expensive store-bought cleaners that are full of chemicals. Instead take advantage of a more natural approach by creating your own cleaners for a fraction of the cost.

While it may sound like a lot of work to make your own cleaners, it’s actually a lot simpler than you think. Most products can be put together with a few kitchen items into a spray bottle that you can grab from the dollar store and reuse over again.

You can make a window cleaner from white vinegar, rubbing alcohol, and water instead of spending several dollars on a bottle of Windex. Get your bathroom clean as a whistle without the toxic chemicals too. With the help of baking soda, liquid soap, water, and white vinegar it will be cleaner than you can ever imagine.

But what about the really tough jobs? Surely you need to bring out the hard chemicals to clean that baked-on food that’s hiding inside of your oven.

Not even close.

When it’s time to clean the oven, everyone knows it because every window in the house is open because of the strong chemical smell.

Instead of spending a fortune on expensive oven cleaners, put together your own cleaner using what you already have in your kitchen.


1/4 cup dish soap

1/2 cup lemon juice

1 cup vinegar

1 1/4 cup water


Combine the ingredients into a spray bottle and coat the inside of your oven. Let it sit for a bit and then wipe it clean.

So does it actually work?

One Facebook user posted her results and her post went viral with more than 54,000 reactions and 364,000 shares. This means a lot of people will be putting aside their typical cleaning products in favor of this simple and cheap method of cleaning their oven.

Will you be trying it?

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