Here is How You Can lose Weight During Your Busy Routine

World is going to be very busy now a days. People do not have enough time to maintain their beauty and fitness. We want everything in our hands quickly without doing much effort. Yes, actually everything we have in our hands but we just have to focus on things around us. Some people have busy routine that they cannot get proper time for their beauty, smartness, fitness and health. They can make themselves smart with a little effort and make themselves fit in the same busy routine. You can lose your weight by choosing the correct diet plan and exercises. Less Food intake decreases the amount of fats stored in our body and exercise boosts your metabolism’s capacity to burn the stored fats and make you fit. Only reducing food cannot help you to lose weight but it can stop the extra fats to store in your belly. Here we will discuss some effective exercises that can help you to be attractive. Let’s do it friends!!

Exercise for face:

In our busy routine how about to adopt a few exercises during travelling and in working hour while going to office, school, college and other places where we daily go. The most effective way is to have a chewing gum in your mouth always. It’s the best exercise in daily routine without any extra effort and the other simple one is the ‘O’ exercise you can do any time you want. Then why don’t you do that?

Exercise for flat tummy:

We want our tummy flat but we do not make effort to do exercise then what should we do? Here is a simple and easy practice that can help you to lose weight.  And that is to set your posture, stand straight, sit straight and walk straight and that’s it!! And if you have free time then you should do single leg plank, swimmer, roll-up and lift, swinging boat and floating knee tuck and all of them require just 5 minutes.

Exercise for back:

The best exercise for back is to set your body posture. It helps you to lose your back fats and make you attractive. The other simple exercise like dumbbells lifting for the loss of your back fats require a few minutes, but you shouldn’t worry about that. You can get the time when you are watching your favourite   T.V show(during every 30 minutes sitcom you have 5-7 minutes of commercials) and during these commercials you can do exercise and lose your back fats. Learn to manage time!

Exercise for thigh & butt:

To look smart and attractive you should exercise and eat a healthy diet. For a busy and scheduled person it is difficult to get too much free time for exercise. But you can lose your thigh and butt fats if you do exercises like lunge, side lunge, dumbbell RDL, hip bridge, wall sit, side skater, lunge to skip and squat for only 30 to 60 seconds each day for three sets.

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