How to remove those dark ugly patches in your neck, underarms and thighs in just 15 mins!

Nowadays, many people are affected by dark skin spots or patches. It is very unattractive and every person who has it tries to fix it despite it is not a medical issue.

These ugly dark patches often appear on the inner thighs, under arms and neck. They can be caused by different factors such us genetics issue, excessive sun exposure or ineffective cleaning of the neck area. Sudden weight loss or weight gain, polycystic ovary syndrome and diabetes can also cause this condition.

Cosmetics treatments are often used in the elimination of these patches, but these treatments usually use toxic chemicals and can be also expensive. For those who can not afford it or do not want to expose their skin to unnecessary chemical treatments, we have the ideal 100% natural solution which guarantees excellent results:


  • A tbsp of salt
  • A tbsp of baking soda (Sodium Bicarbonate)
  • A tbsp of Olive Oil