Human communication that provides evidence of our rapid decline.

We often encounter stories of individuals stating that their faith in humanity has been renewed. Considering its infrequency, such occurrences are welcome news.

However, the following brief narratives depict our current era, and they are stories that often erode rather than bolster our confidence in humanity.

The upcoming stories are sure to bring a smile to your face. They’re not only hilariously bizarre but are likely scenarios you’ve encountered, making them possibly factual.

1: During our visit to McDonald’s, my husband and I pulled up to the drive-thru window.

I handed the cashier a $5 bill for our $4.25 order and added a quarter.

She remarked, ‘You’ve given me more than enough.’

I replied, ‘Indeed, but this way, you can simply return a dollar to me.’

She let out a sigh and fetched the manager, who requested that I repeat my request.

Upon doing so, he returned the 25 cents, stating, ‘We apologize, but we can’t accommodate such requests.’

To my surprise, the cashier then gave me 75 cents in change.

Please, avoid confusing the staff at McDonald’s.

2: We needed to fix our garage door,

And the technician informed us that one of our issues was having an insufficiently powerful motor on the opener.

I pondered for a moment and explained that we already had the largest one available at the time, a 1/2 horsepower.

He disagreed, shaking his head, and insisted, ‘You need a 1/4 horsepower.’

I countered, stating that 1/2 was indeed larger than 1/4, to which he responded, ‘NOOO, it’s not. Four is bigger than two.’

After that encounter, we decided not to hire that repairman again.

3: I reside in a partially rural locality.

Lately, a new neighbor contacted the local city council office to ask for the removal of the DEER CROSSING sign on our street.

The rationale behind their request was that, ‘There are too many deer accidents on this road! I believe it’s not a suitable place for them to cross anymore.’

4: A Notable Encounter in Food Service.

My daughter visited a Mexican fast-food establishment and ordered a taco.

She politely requested ‘a small amount of lettuce’ from the staff member at the counter, who regretfully explained that they only had iceberg lettuce.

5: While I was at the airport, checking in at the gate, an airport staff member inquired,

‘Has anything been placed in your luggage without your awareness?’

I responded, ‘If it happened without my knowledge, how could I possibly be aware?’

He grinned knowingly and nodded, saying, ‘That’s precisely why we pose the question.’

6: At the street corner, the pedestrian signal emits a beep when it’s time to cross safely.

While I was crossing alongside a co-worker who had intellectual challenges, she inquired if I knew the purpose of the beeping signal.

I clarified that it alerts blind individuals when the traffic light is red.

To my astonishment, she replied, ‘Why in the world would blind people be driving?!’

It’s worth noting that she works for the government…

7: Upon reaching the car dealership to retrieve our serviced vehicle, we were informed that the keys were inadvertently locked inside.

We proceeded to the service department, where a mechanic was diligently attempting to unlock the driver’s side door.

While I observed from the passenger side, I instinctively tested the door handle and found it to be unlocked.

I informed the technician, saying, ‘Hey, it’s open!’

His response was, ‘I’m aware. I had already taken care of that side.’

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