Human Energy ‘Fuels’ Floating Paris Gym and Burns Calories Along Scenic Seine River

While the image of Paris’ enchanting Eiffel Tower in the backdrop compliments indulging in delicious French cuisine while sipping champagne, imagine if you could still have the incredible view while burning calories instead of consuming them? A new floating gym that has a glass bubble design would allow you to use the power of your own legs to “fuel” a boat down the Seine River! Who needs electricity when you can use your killer quads!

The Paris Navigating Gym is the brainchild of Italian architects Carlo Ratti Associati. They came up with the innovative idea to have a floating gym powered down the Seine River by human energy. The mechanics of The Paris Navigating Gym uses exercise machines that are linked to an inverter, which convert the pedal power into electricity, which in turn powers the gym boat, according to Indy100.

The floating Paris gym can hold up to 45 people. In addition to featuring bikes and cross trainers, it also keeps gym-goers informed with real-time information about the Seine’s environmental conditions!

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