Husband Makes Wife Special Promise On Her Deathbed, Years Later Realizes It Was All A Prank

Over the course of a couple’s love story, they will experience a range of emotions. Love, of course, and joy and elation, but also pain, frustration, and loss. All of those things combine together to make something beautiful, even if it is at times bittersweet. The good and the bad balance each other out, and the love makes it all worth it.

That is exactly the kind of love Nigel and Phedre Fitton shared. The pair fell in love when they were just 16 years old and faced all kinds of ups and downs in their many years together.

Sadly, there was one hardship they would not be able to overcome together. When Phedre was diagnosed with cancer, she knew she wasn’t going to make it.

As Nigel sat by Phedre’s bedside, she made him promise her one thing.

“Before my mum passed away, she gave my dad strict instructions to water the plants in the bathroom,” the couple’s daughter, Antonia Nicol, said.

After Phedre passed, Nigel made sure to follow her wishes to a T.

“He’s been religiously watering them and keeping them alive,” Antonia said.

Recently, Nigel decided it was time to move out of the home he had shared with Phedre and into a retirement home. As he went through his house choosing which items he would bring with him, he saw the beautiful ferns he had been so lovingly tending for all these years and knew they had to come with him.

But as Nigel went to pack up the plants, he discovered something that left him at once shocked and amused.

Those plants Phedre had asked him to look after? They were made of plastic!

Nigel couldn’t believe he had been watering plastic plants all these years. He shared the funny story with Antonia who then shared it on Twitter, and the adorable story quickly went viral.

Even as she lay in bed, sick and in pain, knowing the end was drawing near, Phedre decided to have a little bit of fun with her beloved husband.

“Can hear my mum chuckling,” Antonia said.

Not only was it a funny prank to play on Nigel, it was also a sweet gesture that probably helped him through the healing process. As he tenderly cared for his wife’s plants, he was looking after a piece of her.

Antonia says the practical joke has been a sweet reminder of her mom’s sense of humor, and the response they have received has touched both her and her dad.

“This is such a lovely memory of her,” Antonia said. “And the messages have been so wonderful. So many people reminiscing about their loved ones or how they would like a relationship like this too. It’s brought a tear to my dad’s eye.”

“She was an absolute legend for sure,” Antonia said of her mom. “My parents fell in love when they were 16 years old and she died aged 69. She had to give my dad something to do.”

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