I always left the house looking like a wreck until I learned these 17 genius hacks. I loved No. 2.

If you’re the kind of person who likes to dress sharply, this article is for you. These 17 tricks will help you to look your best in every situation, so get ready to impress!

1. If your favorite sweater is covered with lint, just put it in a sealable plastic bag and leave it in the freezer for three to four hours. When you take it out, the lint will be gone. It’s like magic!

2. If your clothes have sweat stains in the armpit area, you can easily get rid of them with lemon juice or baking soda.

3. To remove slight wrinkles in your clothes you can use a hair iron.

4. Does your makeup always stain your clothes? With a bit of shaving cream and a cloth, it will disappear in the blink of an eye.

5. You can remove red wine stains with… white wine! Incredible, right? Pour a little over the spot, then a little bit of baking soda and let it react for two to three hours. All done!

6. If your sandals are rubbing uncomfortably, just put some deodorant (stick, not spray) on your heels and the problem will be solved.

7. Lipstick stains disappear if you use hairspray on them.

8. If you’ve lost the clasp stud for an earring, use a piece of pencil eraser to hold it in place.

9. If your new shoes are too tight, fill some sealable plastic bags with water, place them in the shoes, and put the shoes in the freezer. Leave them there overnight and enjoy the results the next day.

10. To avoid getting blisters on your feet, put on thick socks and pull on your shoes. Now use a hairdryer to heat the areas of the shoe where you feel pressure on your foot. Repeat this until the shoes have formed to the shape of your foot.

11. Use nail polish to strengthen the frames of your glasses if they’re slightly weakened.

12. Remove scratches from your suede shoes with a regular eraser.

13. Remove the lint from your sweater with a razor blade.

14. If the zipper of your pants has jammed, run a pencil through the zipper teeth to unclog it

15. If you want to wear boots with loose pants, put on some long socks and pull them over the pants before putting on the boots

16. If you add a little vinegar to the washing machine, your dark-colored jeans will not lose color.

17. Get rid of static electricity from your clothes by rubbing them with a tissue.

Easy tricks that can help you look your best. My favorite is No. 2, but they’re all very useful. Try them out!

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