I believe in miracles and it happens everyday


 Never lose hope. Just when you think it’s over, God sends you a Miracle.

My God I am praying for change in a good direction for my life and that would be a miracle.🙏🏻❤️ Always believe in miracles, the power of prayer, and God’s love 🙏

The whole world needs miracle from this  Covid Virus we pray it will disappear so my family and the world gets back to normal life again.

Dear God I always have hope and faith and belief and I do believe a miracle is coming my way and thankful for my children family friends and love ones and for prayers answered because you are our savior and the King Almighty 🙏🏻 has to do so.

Please God in Heaven..please bless me with a miracle. I want to be normal and not live in sadness anymore…  Amen!