I was raised to be honest and respectful to people


 Being raised right means first to respect yourself than you will respect others. Having some morals and decency about yourself as well as others. Today anything goes, and there is no more shame.

If you have respect for yourself then you will have for others. Being raised right means treat people with respect … feels them how you care and love… how important they are for you. Ameen

I was raised to respect my elders ect… Show respect, kindness, good manners. Respect your elders. I think we should respect everyone.  Doesn’t matter how others act or do. Make sure you do all that you know how to act. Your heart will also tell you. Love and respect. 🦋❤️

Yes RESPECT seems to be lacking today. When I get on a bus no longer do young people allow ladies on first they almost knock you down. Seldom hear Please & Thankyou. Very sad commentary on our society 

Everyone seems to be so offended they have forgotten about Respect, Tolerance, Kindness & Compassion. Very sad

I was raised to be honest and respectful to people . It is inherent to me to treat them  fairly and well ..The way one was  raised will really be reflected when one begin socializing with other people ..