“I would like to withdraw $10,” The Elderly woman said as she presented her bank card to the cashier. “Please use the ATM for withdrawals less than $100,” The cashier instructed her.

The Elderly woman inquired as to why? The Teller promptly returned the bank card and stated, “Here are the rules, leave when there is no more business. Theres a lot of customers Behind you.”

After a brief period of silence, The Elderly woman returned her card to the cashier and pleaded, “Please help me withdraw all the money I have.” When she checked the balance of the account, the teller was surprised. She gave her a respectful nod, leaned down, and said, “You have $300,000 in your account, but the bank doesn’t have that much cash at the moment.” Could you please schedule a time to return tomorrow?

The Elderly woman ask how much she could immediately withdraw. She was told anything up to $3,000 by the teller. “Give me $3,000 right now.” With a warm smile on her face, the teller graciously gave her $3,000.

The Elderly woman put $10 in her purse and asked the teller to put $2,990 back into her account.

The story has a lesson to teach:
Don’t judge the Elderly; they’ve been learning this skill for their entire lives!❤️

Credits for an unidentified Twitter.

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